Tackle Baby Reflux with Chibebe Snuggle Pod!

Today, every consumer has been blessed with a boon of “options” with them. A buyer continuously looks for a product that serves more than one purpose. Chibebe pods are one of such kind. A young born baby needs a different structure of overlooking, and offering just comfort does not solve the problem. The Crucial Early Years:   In the early age of babies, the body experience a constant change. With the increasing limbs, it also experiences organ growth, and a lot can go wrong if the baby does not follow a proper sleeping or sitting posture. One of the most common issue that a new grown baby goes through is “acid reflux.”  The doctors prefer to call it, “gastroesophageal reflux” or “GER.” It happens when the internal muscles back up the stomach content into a throat, and your infant starts feeling irritated. An unusual weight gain, coughing, choking or wheezing after feeding is the most common symptoms to such conditions.    In this period the baby starts developing str